If you would like to find out more about booking the work for an exhibition or other event, please contact Deborah. Some of the ideas that have been used, or which are being worked on, are:

Leadership Quandaries:

Women and Religious Authority
Monday 16 July – Thursday 19 July 2012
at High Leigh Conference Centre
See www.modernchurch.org.uk

Reos Partners Social Change Festival 30-31st July 2011

Click here to see a pdf of the programme.

Becoming a Self - Artspace Dudley 6th July 2011
Last night the project was put up in Artspace in Brierly Hill, a deprived area in the West Midlands.
The curator Ed Cartwright called this space a pop up project. It receives funding for a limited time and then provides opportunities for local people to both make and see art.
By being on the high street the barrier between the public and art is broken down very quickly.
A small group of people came to the opening and the work will remain there for three more days, while art classes go on.
Within minutes of engaging with the work I experienced the viewers speaking deeply and openly about their longings and aspirations.
It was a real privilege to exhibit in this wonderful space.

For more details see this link.

The Queen's Foundation Birmingham

Deborah Ravetz was the artist in residence for two weeks in May 2011.

While there she introduced students from the college to the concept of Social Sculpture at the hand of her project, The Search for the Deep Self.

This work provides a container for the exploration of the struggle to live from our deepest ideals. It also created space to find the relationship between generate love and power and to explore the meaning of gratitude.

There were students there from all over the world and from every stage of higher education.

The universal aspect of the work's themes meant that all the students and their lecturers were able to find common ground.

Some of the students comments are on the comments page and have continued working with Deborah.

The staff expressed their appreciation of this way of working supported the students in getting in touch with their most profound intentions to work for the world with all the challenges this implies.

The Arts in Dudley - What Next?
Wednesday 11th May 2011
6.00pm - 7.30pm (Tea and cakes from 5.30pm)
Ruskin Glass Centre Wollaston Rd, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 4HE.

Please email for more details about this invitation-only event.

Tour of North Germany together with Kerstin Cuming. Final dates in Hamburg - follow this link. Deborah will be holding a lecture on Love and Power on 12th October - more information here.

Vocation and Identity - Saturday, 7th May 10 am - 5 pm in Stourbridge. Leaflet and application via this link.

Personal Creativity to Re-imagine the World - a one-day workshop in art and social change in Oxford with Reos Partners (12th February 2011).

Exhibition of Becoming a Self project at University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre (26th-30th October 2010)

Columcille Centre, Becoming a self workshop on the theme of Finding our Artistic and Spiritual Family (23rd October 2010)

Columcille Centre, Edinburgh, Open lecture "Finding our Artistic and Spiritual Family" (22nd October 2010)

Chaplaincy Centre, University of Edinburgh, paperless Seminar "On Dying and Affliction" convened by Harriet Harris and Michael McGhee (22nd October 2010)

Personal Creativity to Re-imagine the World - a one-day workshop in art and social change in Oxford with Reos Partners (16th October 2010).

Introduction to a weekend seminar with a coworker group in an intentional community (February 2010)

Leith School of Art and Bridge House Art (February 2010) including a lecture on Emil Nolde and an introduction to Social Sculpture.

Introduction to a management training day (October 2009)

Exhibition and conversation space in 'Queer Week' at Oxford University chaplaincy (October 2009)