becoming a self in history, becoming a self in my street

Jane Chase

Although I have worked on many things in my life, I have persistently neglected my own artistic work. Recently, I have realised that this has been a cause of sadness. Over time, I had lost the belief that I could be an artist as well as other things in my life. In the process of exploring this, I spontaneously wrote my artistic credo, feeling absolutely sure I didnít know what it could be Ė and this is what I wrote:

Art is the opportunity to give the viewer new eyes to see the world.

Making art gives me new eyes from which to see my world.

Art is my investigation, my inquiry and my place to flirt with edges ó my edges.

This isnít about alienation or exclusion. It is personal and true.

It is marks, colour, symbol, beauty. Avoiding sentimentalism and cheap thrills it must not ride on its own seductive self alone. It needs to be met with intention, longing, commitment and a constant deepening.

It is the inner known creating with the future unknown stream; the parting of the thin veil in between, a detailed digging and an offering to the world.

Inspire me, move me, surprise me.

Learn to take responsibility and know that that is me.

I am in the process of resolving the challenge of being a mother, a wife, a friend, a counsellor and a visual artist. The different aspects of myself need attention and I am journeying to give each of them space and life.