becoming a self in history, becoming a self in my street

Cherie Randall

This is a picture of Cherie. On the 12th June 2009 she died by her own hand. I got to hear about her life and death because my friend Patricia had been connected with her through teaching her movement in a class she attended. These movement classes had meant a great deal to Cherie. Through this connection she was asked to facilitate her funeral. Cherie had suffered from depression for many years.

In preparation for the funeral, she met with Cherie’s siblings and shared with them a great deal about Cherie at this significant moment. The eulogy spoke of how Cherie remains present for us after her death; how she can be included into our lives through our consistent love and awareness, and how the pain of her loss would be not only an end but also a beginning as people try to understand Cherie more deeply, as they carry her memory and the question left by her death into their lives. The death of their sister had a profound effect on everyone. Cherie's sister described her longing and commitment to truth now. Her brother felt the same and said that through allowing his vulnerability, more and more people were equally open with him about how they really felt. Cherie's life and sudden death has made barriers tumble down. This creates space for a more authentic relationship with themselves and the world for those who care about her. There is now a sense of future as well as of pain.